Join our Rewarding Affiliate Programme

Hi everyone!

Happy New Month to you.

I write to share that we have launched our Affiliate Programme for freelancers and industry experts to earn money selling our products and services through community engagements.

The programme promises sales commissions starting from 10% and opportunities to meet leads without doing door to door or street marketing. Through community collaboration, we've hacked sales!

Why join this rewarding programme?

  • If you know how to legally buy a good shirt from Amazon, you can work us. We work with real people who are not criminals.
  • Your ability to invite entrepreneurs to our free events is the minimum requirement for working with our company.
  • Learning from others and sharing knowledge would be your daily activities. You would not need more than 6 hours a week.
  • If you're a techy or expert in your industry, the biggest thing we can ask you to do is train other people for a fee. Let's know you.

We have taken out time to make this programme as dynamic as possible so that through community, we can offer more rewarding opportunities to honest people building their careers.

As a growth company, we need just about everyone who has the skill of bringing people together and sharing knowledge. We know quite well that customer education brings about their success.

Would you like to join this programme? Please click here to sign up so we can start working together by powering knowledge sharing events.

Thank you for choosing us.