Product Name Change to Web Work Tools CRM

Hello everyone!

It's been a great year as we have worked behind the scenes to make a lot happen for entrepreneurs in our own special way.

We recently concluded a detailed review on our product names and decided to take well guided steps forward.

Changing the CRM product name

Since we started business in February 2021, we chose the name, Business Suite for our CRM product at

Facebook had used this same name for their own product which helps businesses to consolidate their social media accounts and manage their assets seamlessly using a single end point for administration.

As a CRM, we planned to offer a Business Suite. However, when we realized that this name confused our customers, we decided to focus on providing deliverables beyond the CRM.

Solving addressable problems

We launched Web Work Tools Hosting with a white label reseller programme for entrepreneurs to build businesses using it.

Our web hosting services are accessible at while resellers can sign up at to build big businesses.

Introducing Web Hosting services

While the CRM was built to help entrepreneurs manage sales and projects, our web hosting service was introduced to help them get more productive with work using websites.

Supporting Web Hosting clients

We took another step to launch Web Work Tools Leads Product Family which provided tools for marketing and a FREE SEO tool that helps SEO marketing experts analyze up to 500 keywords monthly for free before doing their optimizations.

The marketing tools are accessible at while the SEO tool is accessible at

Why we renamed the CRM product

Having spent most of our product development time in helping entrepreneurs do much more, we decided to rename the CRM product so it would address the market we are helping.

Yesterday, the product was renamed from Business Suite to Web Work Tools CRM successfully. The website link remains the same until we evolve and setup each module as independent products.

How the Web Work Tools CRM would help

Web Work Tools CRM was built for Startups. Entrepreneurs make use of the CRM to manage sales and projects with their employees.

As a simple CRM, it helps entrepreneurs to stay productive after setting up web presence, investing in marketing and optimizing web assets for global visibility.

When leads have been attracted to entrepreneurs, contact information can automatically be imported into the CRM where invoices can be sent to power projects with their employees.

For companies that have large teams, the CRM can be customized to manage employee work time and results seamlessly in line with project expectations.

Reaching out for our help

We look forward to helping more entrepreneurs grow with the array of products we have launched. Please feel free to reach out via email to or chat with us from our website.

Meanwhile, thank you for choosing us.